Nevrónas is a machine Learning research group in National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India, which tries to spread and embrace Machine Learning research culture in the campus. Formed in the year of 2018 by Innovation Garage, NITW, Nevrónas includes a bunch of students experienced in machine learning, pursuing collaborative research on Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing and Information Retrieval.

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Nevrónas was started in the year of 2018 by the team of Innovation Garage, NIT Warangal, led by Arihant Chindalia, under the supervision of Prof. L. Anjaneyulu to provide the Machine Learning researchers in the campus a the required space, resources and facilities. Initially it was founded by Dhruv Ramani, Samarjit Karmakar, Pratham Tangri, Anirban Panda and Asad Ahmed. Rather than focusing only on pursuing ML research, the team decided to spread the awareness of Machine Learning in the campus which was much needed at that time.

The team members worked on conducting multiple workshops to involve all the interested students and held interviews to recruit more members. With 13 members till now, more than 3 ongoing projects, one accepted paper on Audio Style Transfer, two papers under review and with a teaching experience to 150+ students, Nevró is successfully flourishing in the campus of NITW.

Motivation & Goals

Being a student-led research group, Nevrónas provides all the enthusiastic students the required support and guidance to understand, visualize and work on Machine Learning. We’re proud to have a group of experienced people who come to the lab just after the regular class-hours, spend their time on building ML models and go back to their room after 2 o’clock at night !

Our goals are:

  • Pursuing research on Machine Learning , Deep Learning, Language Processing, Computer Vision and solve real life problems with novel methods.
  • Helping others to understand the concept behind Machine Learning through guidance, mentor-ship.
  • Creating an awareness of Machine Learning in the society and improving their life-styles with it.

It’s the satisfaction after successfully testing a model, after a group-discussion to understand a tough concept, after helping hundreds of students in learning the subject, that drives us crazy. We’ve done it for a year, we’re doing it right now, and will continue to do so.


Innovation Garage, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Telangana, India

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