We would love to work in all the interesting projects in our domain. So feel free to contact if you want to collaborate with us. Our members have already worked in some of the well-known organisations, or under some of the reputed faculties in Computer Science.

Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad, India

Our member Samarjit Karmakar worked here as Software Engineering Intern, with the Bing Retail Product Catalog Team at Search Technology Center India (STCI) giving data-driven intelligent solutions.

National Centre for Biological Science,

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Our member Asad Ahmed worked at CAPS Lab under Prof. R. Swodhamini in developing a novel Deep Learning based framework for prediction of binding affinity in a protein-ligand complex.


Our Member Pratham Tangri worked in Visa as a Software Engineering intern, created a full stack web app for Visa clients to do automated integration testing for end to end connection.

Medical Intelligence and Language Engineering (MILE) Lab

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Our member Samarjit Karmakar worked there under Prof. AG Ramakrishnan on improving the quality of existing deep learning based super-resolution models, without increasing the computational complexity.

Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE)

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Our member Anirban Panda worked there under Prof Rajender Bahl and Prof Arun Kumar on Marine Acoustics , applying signal processing in 3D modelling of underwater objects with the help of acoustic wave.