IG Summer AI Program

May 14, 2019- July 14, 2019

The IG Summer AI Program is an initiative taken by Nevrónas to help the students of NITW to learn basic Machine Learning over the summer vacation. It was a remote program. The guides and the learners interacted through an online medium over 8 weeks to learn it with proper conceptual depth.

Boasting of 187 registrations, an average sharing of 15 materials per week, 24*7 doubt clearance, 7 assignments, 1 big project, 30% of quick successful submission and all the new initiatives like Curtained Letter, AI Notebook, IG Summer AI Program turned out to be one of the most successful long-run events in the campus of NITW.

Makerswave Project Mentorship

March, 2019- April, 2019

A team of five undergraduate students were guided by Asad Ahmed of Nevrónas for Innovation garage Makerswave 2019. They worked on creating a scoring algorithm where you can check, how well you are performaning a move using Posenet. Having 90 hours of useful guidance from an experienced person, the project successfully became a huge attraction in Makerswave.